Gene Variance Report

For a one time fee of $19.95 Livewello translates your genetic raw data from companies like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA and almost any other personal genomic service in the world. It will generate a Gene Variance report which contains information on thousands of disease related genes.

LiveWello's Genetic tools will give you reports for 600,000 SNPs, AND attach 12 resources for learning about each gene. As long as a SNP has an rsID and Minor Allele, LiveWello will generate a gene report for you. The reason for this feature is that people should really have all the information about ALL the genes in their raw data not just some of them. That way, you and your Health Practitioner can have the benefit of all this information when creating your treatment plan.

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Updates are free

Free updates are crucial because it allows you get more variance results as new SNPs are added to your genomic raw data with chip updates. It is also very important as new research on gene mutations is being discovered almost daily.

Livewello's variance software is also the only Genetics application with:

  • A free Gene library. This exclusive library contains hundreds of free health reports. This allows you to generate as many gene reports as you'd like
  • Free GWAS tool. To date, over 52,000 of SNPs have research studies that directly associate them with health conditions. This tool allows you to generate unlimited gene reports based on your diagnoses
  • Free Gene template builder. This tool allows you customize your gene reports based on your health issues or any genes you choose
  • Free health data tracking tools for charting your functional lab results and monitoring your wellness programs

With all these features, LiveWello is really the only tool you'll need to serve you throughout your journey to recovery and maintaining wellness.

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We work with raw data from several direct-to-consumer genetic services

LiveWello can process genetic raw data from:

You can order a genetic test kit from one of these websites. If your genome was processed by a company not listed above, send an email to

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Standard Gene Report

The Standard Livewello Gene Variance Report contains only about 300 SNPs out of the thousands that your LiveWello App provides. As long as a SNP is in your Raw Data, with the Minor Allele and rsID, Livewello will generate a Gene Report for you. With the App, you will be able to generate your report with much more Genes and learn about the diseases and symptoms associated with your Genes.

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