Our Mission

Our son has Autism

The organizational burden we faced in juggling his multiple health providers, test results, dietary restrictions, medications and therapy schedules, inspired us to build a health management software.

In order to care for our son, we needed tools to organize his health data and facilitate sharing of information with his health providers and loved ones. We also needed something to support our journey through the maze of Epigenetics and Personalized Health. LiveWello™ empowered us to navigate the overwhelming flow of information associated with his care. It has led to improvements in his wellbeing, saved our family money and reduced our level of stress.


Meds and Supplements

We want to empower people to have control over their health

We built Livewello because we wanted our son to get better. Now our vision is to empower large numbers of people to exercise control over their health. We believe that if people had the tools to be organized and understand their health issues, they would get better. Today, vast online research data and personal genomics, have for the first time in history, given people unprecenedented access to health knowledge. We built our software to harness these resources.