Privacy Policy

The LiveWello™ Privacy Policy describes how LiveWello™ treats personal information when you use its software, including information provided when you use LiveWello™ online at or when you use LiveWello™ from a mobile web browser or mobile application. In addition, the following describes our privacy practices that are specific to LiveWello™, a service that helps you store, organize and share your personal health information.

The Information LiveWello™ collects

We collect information to provide better services to all of our users. The information is collected in the following ways:

How we use the information we collect

The information you enter into our site is used to personalize your account pages. The genetic raw data you upload is used to generate gene reports for you. The data collected through the use of web browser cookies help us create more useful content and customized features. It also helps us remain in compliance with various regulations which vary based on the geographical location of the user. The safety and security of your payment credentials is very important to us. We use Stripe because it is a very secure payment processing website, which also observes the highest levels of compliance for online financial transactions.

To store your information in LiveWello™, you will need a LiveWello™ Account. When you create a LiveWello™ Account, LiveWello™ asks for your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.

LiveWello's servers automatically log information about your use of LiveWello™. The log information will be used to operate and improve the service and will not be correlated with your use of other LiveWello™ services.

We may use data from your account as part of an aggregated data set when publishing statistics. These aggregated data sets do not contain any personally identifiable information.

How we handle your genetic information

If you use our genetic variance application, your genetic raw data and variance reports are stored on our secure servers. You will be able to completely and permanently delete this inforamtion at anytime, by simply clicking the "Delete" button, on your results page. This information is stored by default, so that our users can take full advantage of our tools for researching and learning about Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in their genome, as new scientific research becomes available.

You are in control of your information

You control who can access your personal health information. By default, you are the only user who can view and edit your information. If you choose to, you can share your information with others.

We will not sell, rent, or share your information (identified or de-identified) without your explicit consent, except we believes it is required to do so by law.

You can completely delete your information at any time. Deletion will be initiated immediately, and your information will be purged from your account shortly thereafter. Additional backup copies of deleted information may persist for a short time. Since deleted data will not be restored, you may want to print information before deleting it.

Sharing your information with people and services you trust

If you share your information with others, you can view a list of who has access to your information and you can revoke sharing privileges at any time. When you revoke someone's ability to read your health information, that party will no longer be able to read your information, but may have already seen or may retain a copy of the information.

You can approve access for service providers to view and copy your health information. If a service provider accesses your health information and stores a copy of your information, that copy will be governed by that service provider's privacy policy. Others at that facility - like an on-call doctor - may be able to view your information. LiveWello™ is not responsible for the content, performance, or privacy policies of third-party service providers.

All entities covered by HIPAA are required to comply with HIPAA's rules related to collection, use, and sharing of your information. All other third-party service providers are contractually required to abide by the LiveWello™ Policies, which require that they comply with strict privacy standards for how they collect, use, or share your information.